Things you should consider before and after the shipping process

Some people think that hiring a car shipping company experts is the only requirement for sending cars. This is not true because regardless of hiring the company, there are certain things needed to consider before and after the shipping process if you don’t, you might face a problem. Therefore, to avoid poor car shipping experience, maintaining pre and post-shipping requirements regarding the automatic transportation process is very important:

Before the automatic shipping process

Before you entrust your vehicle to an automatic transporter, you must consider the following points:

1. Vehicle functionality

Most companies don’t like to send cars that don’t work because they require them to set extra settings for loading and bunting in the trailer. Therefore, make sure your vehicle is in the perfect performance order for the transportation process. Some companies send broken vehicles but for that, you are advised to tell the company well before time.

2. Your car is not a container

Some people ship personal items along with vehicles, which are really not safe for vehicles. In addition, if there are personal items stolen during Los Angeles Car Shippers transportation, the vehicle transporter is not responsible because your automatic transportation insurance only covers your car. Therefore, it is recommended not to send personal items along with the vehicle.

3. Car condition statement

Before you entrust the vehicle to an automatic transporter, you must request it to prepare a pre shipping condition report. This will help you check the vehicle after shipping.

4. Fuel in the tank

Make sure the fuel in the vehicle is no more than 1/4 of the fuel tank.

5. Disable the alarm.

You must deactivate the car alarm system to ensure Hauler does not need to turn it off repeatedly during transportation.

6. Document

Don’t submit the vehicle until the car sender gives you a copy of the vehicle delivery insurance signed, reports of conditions, and vehicle shipping contracts